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RosaceaHerbal™ Facial Toner Reviews

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  • Spain
    • Very refreshing
    • Price a little high
    • smell a little strong


    It has been a few days since I started applying this product but even so I think I can appreciate a significant change in my skin, redness has decreased significantly, the only negative point I can mention is that it seems a waste to have to soak a cotton whit the tonic would be much better if the product came in an eyedropper, so we could apply it directly on the skin and we could spread it with our fingers.


    I think the cotton ball is wasteful, too. I prefer a flat cotton round if you want the cotton pad to pick up any excess dirt from the face or to help you spread it more evenly. But if you are careful, you could just pour some into your cupped palm and apply directly to your face (sort of like applying aftershave). That's how I apply it nowadays.

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    Effective 12/26/2018

    This toner definitely makes a difference for my red and ruddy complexion. And when I use it twice a day I add a bit of filtered water to the cotton swab so my skin doesn’t dry too much. Love how this calms my rosacea flares!
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