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MelaHerbal™ Facial Toner Reviews

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    Excellent toner for helping to clear up dark spots post acne. Used with its facial serum.

    My skin is in excellent shape since starting to use Zi Zai products. It's coming up to a year now I believe since swapping out to Zi Zai. I recommend your products highly for skin care.

    Thank you!
  • Toms River NJ
    • Price
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    • Smell is a little strong

    Invigorating 5/8/2017

    Your shipping is and efficient. The product Mela Herbal facial toner is very good. I've been using it for about 12 days and can see a difference in my skin tone.

  • Iowa
    • Easy to use
    • All natural
    • Chinese herbs
    • Gentle

    Lovely Toner 7/3/2017

    I've been using this toner for 2 weeks and I can already see fantastic changes in the slightly darker skin around my eyes. This has been a super product for me to incorporate into my daily face care! My face care includes a gentle rose + honey cleanser, this fab toner, hydrosol and my moisturizer and my skin has been loving it. Thanks so much!

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