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Herbal Facial Mask for Dry Skin

YinHerbal™ Facial Mask Reviews

Customer Product Review

  • Capitola
    • Super%20hydrating
    • Firming%20
    • Seems%20to%20also%20have%20a%20lifting%20effect
    • Plumping
    • None

    Best treatment I've ever used for very dry skin 2/14/2014

    I'm a wellness esthetician in my late 30s and for the first time in my life, with this unusually dry California winter, I've experienced incredibly dry skin. So much so that I looked at least 10 years older.

    I use high quality herbal serums, salves, clays, raw honey, and hydrosols for my regular skin care routine - plus lots of greens and good fats in my diet.

    I had received a sample of this mask several months ago and was so desperate for a solution that I tried it one night. I couldn't believe the difference! After 20 minutes of leaving the mask on, my skin was completely different. Firmer, well hydrated, and it even appears more lifted.

    I've been using it on all of my clients now and we're so happy to have found another high integrity mask and herbal skin care line. So impressed and feel so grateful to have discovered it. Thank you!

  • Hiram, Ga
    • Powdered
    • %20less%20waste
    • In%20bags%20instead%20of%20jars

    I was pleasantly surprised 3/2/2016

    My first time using this mask I saw immediate results and I was pleasantly surprised. My skin looked and felt more moisture and hydrated, the fine lines on my forehead were lessened as well. Planning to use in my esthetic business.

  • Fort Collins
    • effective
    • exfoliates
    • glowing%20skin
    • youthful
    • professional%20quality

    Perfect for 40+ skin 1/13/2016

    I love this product and use it weekly. I am always told I look younger than I am and I am certain this product is one of the reasons. It exfoliates my skin and brings new blood flow to the area so I just glow for days after using this product. Plus, I feel like every time I use it I am going to the spa.... I love the brush and bowl set to mix and apply the product. I highly recommend to all the women I know and I often give this product as gifts to others.

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