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Acne Herb & Clay Facial Mask

AcneHerbal™ Facial Mask Reviews

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    I use this several times a week and it is truly amazing at reducing redness and drawing impurities out. Will have to purchase a third jar!
  • Fort Collins
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    LOVE these products! 1/2/2014

    For over 12 years I have struggled with acne. I had tried everything from prescription ointments to grocery store cleansers. Nothing worked and eventually I started having allergic reactions to nearly every face product I used. Desperate, I turned to friends and doctors for help. Through them I found out about Zi Zai and quickly made an appointment. Immediately expert herbalist Diana began teaching me about healthy skin care. I learned that I was over washing my face and putting products on that actually created more acne rather than treating it. I began using her products and quickly felt a difference. Today she has me on a specific regimen and my face has never been more clear! I use the Herb & Flower Cleansing Powder, AcneHerbal Facial Toner, Honey & Herb Facial Scrub, AcneHerbal Facial Mask, and AcneHerbal Facial Serum. I love love LOVE these products because they are all natural and safe for my skin, not to mention they keep my skin clear & beautiful!

  • Sheboygan, WI
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    My face turned around after starting this! 7/17/2013

    I have had adult acne since my mid twenties and nothing I tried prevented or treated the large cysts I used to get on my cheeks and chin. Since I started using this mask 1-2 times a week, my face is always clear. I have been using this product, combined with the Honey and Herb Scrub and the AcneHerbal Toner for almost two years. *When I moved to a humid environment, I had to leave it on a lot longer to dry.

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