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AcneHerbal™ Nighttime Tincture Reviews

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    works alright 9/6/2018

    Due to the alcohol in it, this is very drying. I was really excited about all of these products when I first received them (I bought the cleansing powder and the toner as well as the sample kit). The first few weeks they seemed to be working and then it was like overnight they made my skin worse and worse. I was really dissapointed because I had high hopes. While they didn't work for me, I am sure they could work for others who don't have cystic acne.


    Yes, the AcneHerbal Nighttime Tincture will be more drying than the AcneHerbal Facial Toner. The Nighttime Tincture was formulated for oily skin. The Facial Toner is apple cider vinegar - based and is not so drying, so that might be a better choice in cases where oily skin is not as much a concern. Anytime a skin has a sudden flare after weeks of improvement, I will often look and see what else might be affecting it - menstrual cycle, change in environment, stress, etc. We offer 100% guarantee on our products, so we will contact you about a refund.

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