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    I was having some issues with my acne flaring up. I never considered myself someone who had skin issues; however, in recent months I was dealing with lots of stress and noticed that my skin was breaking out often. Then beyond my normal breaking out I was getting very large, pus filled white head, cystic like pimples. They were very painful and would eventually pop but would take a very long time to clear up and new ones just kept emerging. I decided that it was time to get some products to help my skin and because I am an acupuncturist and studying herbs I understand how important it is to be mindful of what you are putting on your skin. I did not want to use other chemical based products to clear my acne. I came across Zi Zai dermatology products and decided to give them a try. I purchased this as well as the herbal scrub and my cystic acne started to clear up right away. I even had someone comment saying my skin looked so clear! Love the product and the results thus far.

    The product itself comes in a small glass bottle (which I love) with a pump. I use two full pumps after getting out of the shower and rub it all over my face. It has a different consistency than say a lotion or cream, but it is not oily. I try to give it about 5-10 minutes to settle into the skin and then I continue with my normal routine.

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    I am loving this creme! It is moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling soft but not at all oily. My only complaint is that it is pretty expensive and doesn't last very long. I have been using one and a half pumps twice a day for about a month, and I have already run out. I have ordered more, but I think I'm going to have to supplement it with some argan oil so it lasts longer.

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    This is a wonderful day time facial creme. Non Greasy. Leaves my face glowing and bright. Used along with the Acne Herbal Facial Toner and the Acne Herbal Facial Serum (at night). My skin has never been better. I very rarely have breakouts anymore.
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    • Silky
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    I enjoyed this moisturizer, but it's weirdly overpriced. At 50$ a bottle, it only lasts for a month. Not worth it! If this was a lower price, I would buy it all of the time. Please consider lowering!


    We are sad to discover you do not see the value in this facial cream. Our pricing is determined by how much it costs us to make the product. In addition to the high quality oils used in this cream, the process of making the herbal extracts (which we do here in our lab ourselves....we do not purchase herbal extracts) and the process to infuse and filter herbs results in a longer time to properly craft this fine facial creme. We think the results in your skin are worth it.

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