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  • Anchorage, Alaska

    Excellent experience With this ointment 12/8/2016

    As an Oriental medicine practitioner I am working with a patient that has an undiagnosed rash - red, irritated, dry, very itchy. I prefer that someone get a Western diagnosis, however under the circumstances this wasn't possible. I follow your FaceBook page and decided to see what you had to offer because I've really enjoyed your posts about eczema and I know how difficult it can be.

    I ordered 3 products to try: AntiFungal external tincture, EczeHerbal ointment #2, and Qing Dai Gao.

    The AntiFungal and EczeHerbal were both soothing, but we didn't see much of a change. Then when we tried the Qing Dai Gao, last of course, we started to notice a difference. It seems to work best to apply the ointment then cover the area with a bandage.

    It's been just over 1 week and we're at about 70% improvement. VERY happy with the results.
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