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Our friends at Wooly Wax handcraft these sensuous 100% natural soy wax candles in Denver, Colorado. Hand poured in small batches, each of these 8-ounce candles has a burn time of approximately 55 - 65 hours. Each scent is comprised of a combination of base, middle and top notes. The flame burns so smoothly and the gentle fragrances float on the air and fill the room without overpowering your senses. We love them! We have had one of these candles lit in our Fort Collins shoppe every day since we got them in. Create an atmosphere of complete bliss when you light one in your home for spa night. Mmmmm....

Choose from the following sensual fragrance blends:

  • Burmese Teakwood - With deep notes of teakwood and tobacco, Burmese Teakwood might sound masculine but in fact has the perfect balance of subtle aromatics.
  • Cucumber/Oakmoss - blends the refreshing scent of cucumber while finishing with woody, floral and green notes imparted by Northern Hemisphere Oakmoss.
  • Laws Whiskey House - This whiskey scented candle takes its scent profile directly from the small batch Secale Straight Rye from Laws Whiskey House in Denver. With notes of charred white oak, leather, caramel and tobacco, it is smooth and slightly sweet (not smokey).
  • Tangerine/Clove - The opening fruity-sweet notes of bergamot are quietly subdued by mild spice and orange. The scent profile rounds out with lemon, lime and grapefruit citrus notes that are softened by an ever so slight woody musk.

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