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The RosaceaHerbal™ 2 Facial Tea is formulated for skin in the phase of rosacea with papules and pustules. Facial teas come with several reusable cotton masks for easy application. The Chinese herbs in this formula are excellent for soothing red, easily-irritated complexions and reducing blemishes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these herbs Clear Heat, Cool Blood, Move Blood and Resolve Toxins. (If you have flushing and redness but do not have any pustules, RosaceaHerbal™ 1 Facial Tea would be a better choice for you).*

How To Use: Mix 1 tsp herb powder in cup of hot water. Add 1 cotton mask pellet to tea, let soak until tea is lukewarm or cool. Lie down and apply mask to clean face. Can cover with a gel mask (if you have one) or lukewarm/cool moist towel to help herbs penetrate. Leave in place for 10 to 20 minutes (dip mask back in tea as necessary). Rinse face and follow up with toner or moisturizer. Use twice per week for best results. Cotton masks are reusable. For a more astringent mask, mix 1 tsp herb powder with one egg white and whip. Apply to face and neck using cosmetic brush. Allow to dry completely then rinse off. May stain fabric. For external use only.

40 grams is approximately 12 uses; 80 grams is approximately 24 uses.

100% Natural Ingredients: (100% Chinese herbs)

Qian Cao Gen, Hong Hua, Yin Chen Hao, et al. (8 different herbs)

To learn more about how to use a facial tea, check out our blog.

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