If your psoriasis has been there a long time and simply not budging, choose this ointment.

Our PsoriaHerbal™ 3 Ointment is uniquely formulated according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pattern known as Qi and Blood Stagnation. From the perspective of TCM, this ointment Moves Blood and Dispels Blood Stasis. It is specifically designed for instances when there is a long history of psoriasis, with lesions that tend to be quite thick and might be darker red, purple or brown.*

If you also have itching or if your psoriasis is widespread, our PsoriaHerbal™ Cream will be a good product for you. You can apply the ointment to specific lesions and then apply the cream on top. If your psoriasis is relatively stable but maybe a little itchy, choose our PsoriaHerbal™ 2 Ointment instead. If your condition is more active again, try our PsoriaHerbal™ 1 Ointment.

Ingredients: (Please read this note about batches crafted since June 2016)

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