This ointment is specially formulated according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pattern known as Blood Dryness & Stasis. From the perspective of TCM, the herbs in this ointment Move & Nourish Blood, Clear Heat, Cool Blood and Resolve Toxins. It is specifically designed for chronic eczema where thickened skin (lichenification), dryness and scaling are more predominant (compared to the other EczeHerbal™ formulas). This phase of eczema is typically seen in teenagers and adults (not infants or children). If your eczema oozes or is weeping, do not choose this formula; instead choose EczeHerbal™ 1 formula.*


  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Chinese herbs (Dang Gui, Dan Shen, Ku Shen, et al.)

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