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YinHerbal™ Facial Crème antiaging, agedefying, cream, lotion, herbal lotion, natural moisturizer
Herb-infused moisturizer for dry or mature complexions
YinHerbal™ Facial Soap cleanser for dry skin, facial soap, herbal soap, mature complexion
Herbal facial cleansing bar for all skin types, especially dry.
YinHerbal™ Essentials Collection antiaging, dry skin remedy, herbal antiaging, antiaging serum
A set of sample sizes of our most essential YinHerbal™ products for dry or mature skin
HerbFlower Cleansing Powder: YinHerbal™ Blend herbal facial cleanser, sensitive skin, facial exfoliator, dry skin, mature skin
Gentle exfoliating daily cleanser for all complexions, especially dry or aging
Honey Herb Facial Scrub
This scrumptious honey scrub with Chinese herbs will leave your skin soft and glowing
Herbal Facial Tea with Cotton Masks
Topical herbal tea for dry, aging or mature skin that needs extra nourishing
YinHerbal™ Facial Serum anti-aging, herbal treatment for anti-aging, facial oil for dry skin, anti-wrinkle herbs
Reduce appearance of fine lines in dry or mature complexions
Herbal Facial Mask for Dry Skin
Clay and herb facial mask moisturizes and firms dry or aging complexion