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The perfect vegan (beeswax-free) ointment for any little red rash! Were you pulling weeds in your garden and now have some itching or a rash on your arm? Does your dog have hot spots he keeps scratching? Our Little Red Rash™ Ointment is just the thing for most acute itchy red rashes, bug bites, or minor inflammation. And if your dog licks it off, it is completely safe for him to eat (though it will taste terrible!). This herbal salve is formulated with Chinese herbs which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clear Heat, Dry Damp, and Resolve Toxins. An excellent vegan choice if you have eczema or if you are allergic to beeswax. For additional eczema help, check out our EczeHerbal™ product line.

100% Natural Ingredients:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Candililla wax
  • Chinese herbs (Pu Gong Ying, Bai Xian Pi, Huang Qin, et al.)

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